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HIV/Aids, Morality, Syphilis & Facebook. 2017 | ATYG Podcast


This episode is about Aids Homophobia and Facebook.

JD has been terrified by the statistics of the transmission of HIV/Aids in America amongst certain communities. We get into our own ignorance about homosexuality and try to deepen our own understanding of LGBTQ community. We talk about the Tuskegee experiments, statistics and morality and defining if killing a small group to save a large group is justifiable. We then go into the effects of Facebook on the news and peoples inability to see the world as it is. We think you will enjoy this episode and actually are looking for your feedback on this. Please hit us up, educate us and share your thoughts on our social channels, on both instagram and twitter @ATYGPOD you can also email us at podcast@atygpod.com



pbs alzihemers study:https://www.statnews.com/2016/04/12/alzheimers-disease-colombia/

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