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About US

Remember When Your Parents Said go to College? Then You Went to College, Graduated from College, Then Questioned Why the F*** Did I Waste My Time Going to College ?  We Do Too.


This is our Story

New Jersey Institute of Technology circa 2008. Two aspiring athletes with Jamaican parents – and a disdain for the fuckery – found themselves questioning their respective futures. Johnathan Dixon – a recruited 6-5, small forward; and Quaison Carter – an Olympic Developmental Team midfielder recruited transfer both got hit with injuries that changed how they would look at their respective futures. They met on one of these days and have been friends since.

It’s been more than five years since they graduated. Quaison is now a strategist and digital marketing consultant and Johnathan is business planning analyst at Swarovski. This podcast came about because even though they both realized that they made a left turn somewhere along the path and now it is time get back on track and share with others the process they and others are going through to find their muse, success, capabilities and true loves via discussions and interviews that span a wide range of topics. They here to explore and believe it’s important to share their findings with everyone they meet – as we are all in this together.

War Can’t Ova Unless Hungry Ova ~ Muta Baruka

Outside of their day jobs, Johnathan (JD) is a photographer, app developer and writer, Quaison (pronounced like Jason with a Qu) is a small business owner, writer, and Digital Marketing instructor at General Assembly. The hustle never stops. Neither should yours. In addition, Arto Altincatal the engineer is a part of our team (he doesn’t want the spotlight, but he’s pretty dope too).

If you would like to contact us please reach out at andthenyougraduate@gmail.com