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Marisa Mendez from hot 97 talks to And Then You Graduate

Episode 4 Marisa Mendez from Hot 97

What does it take to make it in Radio?With Marisa Mendez

The ATYG crews sits down with Hot 97 personality and podcast host Marisa Mendez for this episode where we dive into what it takes to make it in the media and music industry, how her super fandom brought her almost all her opportunities, from Juelz Santana to Joe Budden, and she even shares some touching moments with us from her personal life.

This episode was recorded before she left the Joe Budden podcast “i’ll name this podcast later” and you can hear the moments where her new show “Marisa Explains it All” was still just a thought in her head. In normal ATYG fashion we ask Marisa our rapid fire questions, dive deep into specifics of her routines and tgive you guys an opportunity to see just how down-to-earth, chill, amazing and cool she really is. Enjoy the show! This is… And Then You Graduate

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Follow up – right after we launched this episode we went to hot 97 to record with Marisa and new show Marisa explains it all. She shared that the interview we did with her (below), was the best interview she’s ever had. So we hope you also enjoy.

If you have any questions you want to ask Marisa or the ATYG crew, hit us up at podcast@atygpod.com.

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