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the evolve creative academy alliance

Evolve Creative Alliance – Starting a Non profit ep 8


How to Start a Non-Profit and Trying to Change the World with the  Evolve Creative Alliance

The Evolve Creative Alliance 501 c3 non profit public charity founded by our guest Danielle Caminneci and Katrina Martinez. On this episode we go into how they started a nonprofit, interning at the U.N. the impact they want to have on children and the world. Since they are a non profit, they are open to donations. If you want to find out more about the Evolve Creative Alliance and the Evolve creative academy, you can find out at evolvecreativeacademy.com notes:
Mianna Charles – http://www.miannacharles.com/
Camile Safiyah – http://www.camillesafiya.com/
Katrina Martinez – https://www.instagram.com/kmartinezzz
For Migraines Fever Few


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