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@heygorjess - Jessica Franklin Brand Influencer

@heygorjess How Do I Make it as a Brand Influencer? ep #7 And Then You Graduate ATYG Podcast

Curly Hair (3c) Godess @Heygorjess Talks Corporate Freedom and Building Her Brand

In this episode we welcome beauty blogger, social/brand influencer and corporate escapee Jessica Franklin, also known as @heygorjess. We spend most of this episode speaking to her about her life in corporate America, her transition to being a brand influencer and all the steps in between. Things we learned about or from Jessica:

  – She went to Rutgers and never had a Fat sandwich from the grease trucks
  – She’s worked for brands that have included: Covergirl, Madeline, ELLE, Colgate and Old Navy
  – She’s been blogging/vlogging for years before she actually took off.
  – She has a manager, so don’t just hit her up, there is a process (lol)
  – The importance of having a media kit
  – tinted windows are not legal in New Jersey
  – Tracey Ellis Rose is her current inspiration
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