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And Then You Graduate


Discussions & Interviews On What Comes After Following All the Rules

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Epsisode 6 and then you graduate

The Quaison Episode 6 ATYG Podcast

Quaison Talks About The Importance of Managing Your Personal Beliefs, Fasting and Fried Chicken Follow us on Twitter  Instagram and Facebook https://soundcloud.com/then-you-graduate-atyg/ep6-the-quaison-pt1-atyg This episode talks A LOT about Fried Chicken, we also talk about eating grapes for 40 days, Why you should put your body into ketosis, how to hack...

episode 5 And Then You Graduate

Episode 5 A Case for Population Control with Prof Andre Jones

 How to Fight Your Way Back Into College, (or) A Case For Population Control The ATYG team sits down with College Professor Andre Jones Jr. this week  digging into his take on Black English Vernacular [BEV], his love for Kurt Vonnegut, the repositioning of minorities in the...

Marisa Mendez from hot 97 talks to And Then You Graduate

Episode 4 Marisa Mendez from Hot 97

What does it take to make it in Radio?With Marisa Mendez The ATYG crews sits down with Hot 97 personality and podcast host Marisa Mendez for this episode where we dive into what it takes to make it in the media and music industry, how her...

Episode 3: Creators of Fetty Wap Nitro Nation Stories – Moor

Fetty Wap Wants A Mobile Game & Moor Factory Delivers On this episode, The ATYG crew sits with the co-founders of Moor, Keegan Carter and Davon Robinson. These are the guys responsible for creating Fetty Wap's hit game Fetty Wap Nitro Nation Stories. Neither of the co-founders are developers or had...

And Then You Graduate Podcast

Episode 2: 30 Years Later, a Retrospective

In this episode we celebrate JD turning 30. We talk about how life has changed from when we were young and our plans for the future. We also touch on the topics of black television, mumble rap, and credit card limits. Share with your friends and...

And Then You Graduate Episode 1

Ep1 – WTF is Egalitarian Equivalence

This is the first episode of the And Then you Graduate Series, Johnathan and Quaison touch on topics related to trophies – and the idea that when you are a kid there is nothing in adulthood that is comparable to the success you achieve and...