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episode 5 And Then You Graduate

Episode 5 A Case for Population Control with Prof Andre Jones

 How to Fight Your Way Back Into College, (or) A Case For Population Control

The ATYG team sits down with College Professor Andre Jones Jr. this week  digging into his take on Black English Vernacular [BEV], his love for Kurt Vonnegut, the repositioning of minorities in the comic book world, masturbation, and coffee addiction.

Andre shares some beautiful anecdotes on navigating the pitfalls of early adulthood. From dropping out of college in his last semester to dealing with the death of multiple friends, Andre blessed the room with his stories of perseverance and discipline. Meditation, mindfulness, and “attention to nuance,” are only of few of the gems Andre left behind for you guys. We hope you enjoy. And as always, This is…And Then You Graduate.

Things to take away from this episode
– How to make a comeback if you drop out of school
– The importance of finding and being a mentor
– why you should read Kurt Vonnegut 
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