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Sarah Astaire on the ATYG Podcast

Sarah Astaire – ATYG Podcast – Becoming A Journalist & The Art of Storytelling

The Path to Learning How to Tell A Story Through Journalism

This week on ATYG we had a chance to sit down with Multimedia Journalist, Director, and Producer Sarah Astaire. Hailing from Bakersfield, a small town in Central Cali, Sarah shared a series of emotionally profound stories about what race really looks like in America. Born to an Ethiopian mother and Bajan father, her unique cultural insight serves as the foundation, to her commitment to empowering people of color in this country, especially in the media space. Tune in as we dig into The Art of Storytelling, Westworld, and meeting her father for the first time at his funeral. You can read more about her at Sarahastaire.com






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