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The Resume

This is The Resume – A Collection of Music We’re Listening To, Books We’re Reading, Tips, Tricks, Ideas, and Other Dope Stuff… Enjoy! Check us on the Instagram and Twitter @atygpod , @_john_dixon & @Quaison
ATYG Podcast

HIV/Aids, Morality, Syphilis & Facebook. 2017 | ATYG Podcast

  This episode is about Aids Homophobia and Facebook. JD has been terrified by the statistics of the transmission of HIV/Aids in America amongst certain communities. We get into our own ignorance about homosexuality and try to deepen our own understanding of LGBTQ community. We talk about...

Sarah Astaire on the ATYG Podcast

Sarah Astaire – ATYG Podcast – Becoming A Journalist & The Art of Storytelling

The Path to Learning How to Tell A Story Through Journalism https://soundcloud.com/then-you-graduate-atyg/ep-9-the-art-of-storytelling-atyg This week on ATYG we had a chance to sit down with Multimedia Journalist, Director, and Producer Sarah Astaire. Hailing from Bakersfield, a small town in Central Cali, Sarah shared a series of emotionally profound...

the evolve creative academy alliance

Evolve Creative Alliance – Starting a Non profit ep 8

  How to Start a Non-Profit and Trying to Change the World with the  Evolve Creative Alliance https://soundcloud.com/then-you-graduate-atyg/ep-8-evolve-creative-academy-starting-a-non-profit-atyg The Evolve Creative Alliance 501 c3 non profit public charity founded by our guest Danielle Caminneci and Katrina Martinez. On this episode we go into how they started a nonprofit, interning...

@heygorjess - Jessica Franklin Brand Influencer

@heygorjess How Do I Make it as a Brand Influencer? ep #7 And Then You Graduate ATYG Podcast

Curly Hair (3c) Godess @Heygorjess Talks Corporate Freedom and Building Her Brand https://soundcloud.com/then-you-graduate-atyg/ep7-heygorjess-how-do-i-make-it-as-a-brand-influencer-atyg In this episode we welcome beauty blogger, social/brand influencer and corporate escapee Jessica Franklin, also known as @heygorjess. We spend most of this episode speaking to her about her life in corporate America, her transition to...

And Then You Graduate ATYG Pod Episode 6 pt2

Ep 6 pt2 – Put Your Heels on ATYG Podcast

https://soundcloud.com/then-you-graduate-atyg/ep6-pt2-put-your-heels-on-atyg   Hey guys so this is part 2 to last week’s episode called The Quaison. If you didn't listen to part one you should listen that one first Some of the topics include for parts one and two include: Tony Robbins Thermostat (from the personal power series) Gurdjieff the...